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Impacts of Climate Change on Aquatic Ecosystem

Application version 1.20-11.2018

Climate change is a worldwide phenomena related to any significant long-term change in the expected patterns of average weather on Earth over a significant period of time. Climate change referes to abnormal variations to the climate and the effects of these variations on the surface of the Earth.

Climate change caused by anthropogenic activities emitting greenhouse gases into the air is expected to affect the frequency of extreme weather events such as drought, extreme temperatures, flooding, high winds, and severe storms. Climate change also changes the nature of global rainfall, aquatic ecosystem dynamism, snow, freshwater drainages and other factors that affect water temperature, water course, supply and quality.

Impacts on aquatic ecosystems (fresh, brackish and saltwater) reduce their ability to improve water quality and regulate water flows, affecting the migration or loss of biodiversity.

In many cases, climate change is affecting the habitats or microhabitat of species, interfering their behaviour to adapt or migrate to favourable areas with many ecological consequencies.

Climate change drives collapse in aquatic food webs, reducing energy flow which means that the amount of food available for predators such as fishes at the top of food webs is reduced, this phenomena is an alarm of coming potential consequences for fish and fisheries (inland, swamp and ocean spectrums).

The iCC Indonesia is a national platform aiming at recording all possible impacts of climate change on aquatic spectrum including all type ecosystems and associated living species.

Type aquatic ecosystem presented in the App covering all aquatic spectrums including freshwater, brackish and marine water ecoystems. Type of impacts are classified into two specific sorts i.e aquatic biotas and ecosystems.

In the section of type impact on aquatic biotas, we defined 14 parameters assemblage including Breeding season, Migration pattern, Toxic algae, Coral bleaching, Disease, Competition, Alien and invasive species, Behaviour change, Mammals stranded, Extinction, Size and growth, Decreasing stock, Sex ratio and Mass mortality.

Section type impact on aquatic ecosystem comprises 10 observable parameters include Drying habitat, Water quality, Loss habitat, Stromly weather, Rising sea level, Sedimentation, Up-welling, Transition period, Ocean acidification and Abration.

Tutorial on how to make a contribution to the app is available here, video and text.

Below are the list of people working behind the desk with great enthusiasm and bringing this stunning application thrived on public are: Kadarusman, Hardianti F. Aprini, Pulung A. Prabowo, Sri Hardianti, Nadia H. Aditia, Acacia Z. A. Mourniaty, Alifa E. Nuringtyas, Fadilah, Faathirrajaf Trisnawan, I W. Y. Suryana, Kurnia D. Riadi, Mutiara I. Nurwani, Basan Hulianto, Srinindya G. Utomo, Muhammad F. Mursyid, Agung Srisadono, Ali Akbar, Alya P. Larasati, Andi, Angga Arifianto, Arleine S. Wardhani, Chintia F. Luandariya, Citra T. Sari, Zulkifli, Dewa G. Mahardana, Eka Nursulistyani, Fakhrul I. Nasution, Fathur Haris, Fitri Damayanti, Futra Septian, Ikhsan Maulana, Ilham Mulyana, Isnendar P. Sudrajat, Lilis Maemunah, Mei R. U. Pasaribu, Monalisa M. Maliangkay, Novira Farhandika, Rezky N. Balukh, Salman A. Muzakki, Siti Rohmah, Sri P. Merdekawati, Wandha I. Chairunissa, Waode Israwati, Agung Ardiyan, Amtia Moonazia, Anang M. Zulfikar, Ardya F. Nugiyantoro, Avi Ardiyantoro, Boma N. Hafidh, Desi Arumsari, Dewanda, Diah Puspa, Dwi R. R. Putri, Ester A. M. Sitanggang, Fakhrul Fauzi, Fidya R. Maherzi, Fratiwi R. Bandaso, Gani Gaffari, I D. A. E. A. Ardiani, Ilham D. Nurzaman, Indah Febrianti, Isviana D. Karyati, Keffas L. J. M. Pardede, Lilyani G. Herawati, Meuthia M. Kanedi, Pistar A. Ramadhan, Rahmasari G. Pertiwi, Rizki A. Hidayat, Selvi Febriyanti, Ulfa Fitryan, Winda Br Nainggolan, Delio D. Costa, Ratna Suharti, Basuki Rachmad.

Kadarusman et al., (2019). ICC Indonesia: A national recorder of the impacts climate change on aquatic ecosystems. Google-Android application. Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan, Jakarta.

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